Eden Central school greenhouse fire quickly extinguished

Jan 4, 2019

Fire crews were called to the grounds of Eden Middle and High Schools Friday morning.

David Martin, Facilities, Safety and Security Coordinator for Eden Central Schools, tells WBFO a district maintenance person was making rounds about 6 a.m., when he noticed the school greenhouse charged with smoke and alerted the Eden Fire Department.

When the smoke cleared, they found a large plastic fish tank, being used to grow trout for an agriculture class, had melted and caused the smoke and small fire. They determined the fire started when the electric tank heater shorted out.

Martin says the greenhouse is separate from the Middle and High Schools, there was no structural damage and the fire was contained to the tank and platform. He says there were no students or building occupants in any danger, and the building will be cleaned and sanitized prior to anyone being allow to use the facility again.