The Education Experience: WBFO’s education special

Jul 27, 2017

WBFO produced a special radio program called The Education Experience. WBFO spearheaded unique initiatives to speak with students. Cafeteria Chats took us directly into schools across the region and our Student Journals provided area students with a chance to conduct their own interviews.

Through traditional reporting and education projects, we’ve had re-occurring themes with students. One of them was racism.

Buffalo students discussed racism with WBFO.
Credit Eileen Buckley / WBFO News

Cafeteria Chats held at CSAT in Buffalo.
Credit Eileen Buckley / WBFO News

When we recorded our very first Cafeteria Chats at the Charter School for Applied Technology in Buffalo, the issue of bullying surfaced as a topic of concern for high school students. We also hosted a Facebook live town hall featuring the topic of cyber-bullying.

In our final show segment we bring you a compelling Cafeteria Chats conversations with Starpoint Central High School students who describe what it was like to lose a classmate this past school year. In the Frontier Central School District, we handed out our digital equipment to some students to produce a Student Journal. This student segment focused on teen relationships.

Starpoint students participated in our Cafeteria Chats.
Credit Eileen Buckley / WBFO News

We want to thank all the students who participated in our Student Journals and Cafeteria Chats from a variety of schools, and we thank the school leadership for allowing us to work directly with their students. WBFO's Education Assistant and Producer Jonny Moran worked to establish schools that participated in both our Cafeteria Chats and Student Journals.

WBFO's Student Journals project.
Credit Jonny Moran / WBFO News

Education reporting on WBFO is funded by American Graduate – Let’s Make It Happen and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.