Electrical fire at ECC North

Dec 9, 2014

An electrical fire at Erie Community College's North Campus in Amherst has closed the school for the day.  The blaze broke out after 9 a.m. Tuesday morning inside Bretscher Hall.  

ECC North Campus.
Credit Photo from ECC Website.

"In actually the largest academic building where a lot of our classes are," said Michael Farrell, spokesman for ECC.   Flames broke out inside an electrical room where fire officials say a transformer caught on fire. 

Farrell telling WBFO News Students and staff were evacuated by Main-Transit firefighters. 
"From all indication, from our security staff, it went quick and they were able to everybody out in time," stated Farrell.

Firefighters quickly douse  blaze, but smoky conditions and a power outage on the North Campus forced the school to shut down the building Tuesday.

"There is a private contractor, who is an electrical engineer, that is actually checking everything as well. The fire alarm system at North Campus, not only in that building, but elsewhere on campus is being checked just to make sure everything is working properly," said Farrell.

There were no injuries.  Farrell said ECC North will reopen Wednesday.