End of an Era: Franczyk to give up Common Council seat

Feb 4, 2019

An era in Buffalo City Hall is drawing to a close. Longtime Council Member David Franczyk will not be running for reelection.

"I figure it's just time. At some point, like, you know the Kenny Rogers song, 'You gotta know when to fold 'em," said Franczyk. He has spent more than three decades representing the Fillmore District. And, Franczyk says, he has no regrets about not running for mayor. 

Fillmore District Council Member David Franczyk
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

"I like the freedom of being a council member. With the mayor you're 24/7," Franczyk said.  

Along with working to address crime, illegal drugs and slum lords, Fraczyk says, he's fought to protect the city's historic architecture. He says he's the longest serving council member in the city's history.

"George Arthur was 28 years. I think, Jim Pitts was 26 years. And I'm 32. So the record's there to be shattered if you chose to be a career politician like I was. And I don't think that's a dirty word because St. Augustine said, 'it's the most noble of professions if practiced honorably and honestly.'  And so that's what I've tried to do," Franczyk said.   

He may be retiring from the Council, but Franczyk says, he still plans to be involved in politics. In fact, he says, he's considering a run for Buffalo Comptroller.