EPA orders Buffalo sewers to clean up

Mar 16, 2012

The Buffalo Sewer Authority has been dumping billions of gallons of sewage and wastewater into the Niagara River and its tributaries for years. The Environmental Protection Agency says that has to end. So, to that end, EPA regional spokesman

Mike Basile says the Sewer Authority is being ordered to comply with federal Clean Water Act requirements for combined sewer systems.

"We're asking them to complete what is called a 'long term control plan' that will propose sewer system improvement to ensure that their combined sewer overflows will comply with both technology and water quality-based requirements," Basile said.

The EPA and State Department of Environmental Conservation want the Sewer Authority to submit an approvable long-term control plan by April 30th, something that could cost up to $500 million over 15 years; or risk penalties if it does not comply.