EPA says Attica fire is extinguished

Oct 15, 2012

The Environmental Protection Agency says a fire in a glass and plastic recycling operation in Attica is out, after weeks of effort.

An estimated 49,000 cubic yards of glass and plastic had accumulated at the Hillcrest Industries recycling plant and started burning, emitting a foul stench across the village. State and federal officials moved in to move the burning material around and extinguish it.

Public Affairs Officer Elias Rodriguez says the next step is to make sure the fire doesn't re-start.

"Next is a fire management and temperature monitoring plan which which will be in place until the material is processed and removed from the site," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez says nothing has actually been removed yet. Because the situation involves both EPA and Department of Environmental Conservation, the agencies are working together on making sure the fire stays out and the material is cleaned up.

"Now that it's been broken up and the hot areas have been cooled off, the fire has been extinguished and we can now decide what the appropriate next steps are to address the smaller piles," said Rodriguez.