EPA steps in for clean-up of foul smelling garbage mound in Attica

Sep 21, 2012

The EPA is now expected to take the lead in clean up of a massive mound of garbage created by a business in Attica that has residents up in arms.
Western New York Congressman Kathy Hochul issued a news release Thursday announcing that she had a call with the  Regional EPA Administrator and the "EPA will now assume the lead role in the troubling situation at an Attica business, which has left the community exposed to intolerable odors and emissions."

The pile was created by Hillcrest Coatings in Attica. Residents are considered about health effects from the order and fear it could be explosive as it burns at high amounts of heat.

“The EPA was requested by the state DEC, which has been investigating the situation and conducting air and dust sample testing, to take the lead. I am very pleased to receive the Administrator’s personal assurance that she is directly involved in resolving this matter, which continues to disrupt the lives of my constituents. It is unacceptable that residents continue to endure poor air quality and worry about their health, even when in their homes,” Rep. Hochul said.

In partnership with the DEC, the EPA has announced that they:

·Have mobilized personnel to the site to work on controlling the fire and emissions;

·Are consulting with other federal agencies to make sure the appropriate steps are taken to control the fire and protect the public;

·Have taken the lead on testing and remediation efforts;

·Will keep the public and local officials informed;

·Will protect taxpayers by seeking cost recovery from the responsible company.

Portions of a large pile of glass fragments at the facility are burning at temperatures up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, creating nuisance emissions. Recently, Attica residents living near the Hillcrest Industries facility have experienced headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other symptoms believed to be caused by emissions from this facility. Further, odors and dust emanating from the facility have had an adverse affect on general quality of life in the community.