Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition hopes to meet pledge goal by end of 2019

Dec 27, 2019

One final push is being made by the Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition this year to raise awareness around the negative stereotypes surrounding mental health. The group, which started in 2017, is aiming to reach 3,500 pledges on their website to end stigma by the end of the year.


They are currently still a few hundred pledges short of their goal.

“By raising awareness through taking the pledge, we’re able to let people know that help is available," said Erie County Anti-Stigma Coalition Chair Karl Shallowhorn. "We have plenty of resources in the area. People often don’t know where to go. And we have a lot of those resources on our website as well.”

Shallowhorn said they’ve been able to reach more people this year through newer partnerships in the community.

“We’ve had schools involved and others, non-profit organizations that have joined us in our campaign. In that way we have literally grown," he said. "We now have over 40 organizations that have joined us in terms of being a part of our organizational membership and coalition."

Shallowhorn said they plan to be more active with their partners in the upcoming year.

You can take the pledge to end stigma by visiting