Erie County Clerk's Office reveals $2.1M surplus

Jan 24, 2013

Local taxpayers will be catching a break thanks to some unanticipated revenue in the Office of the Erie County Clerk.

Clerk Chris Jacobs announced Thursday the office ended 2012 with a $2.1 million surplus. Since the money goes into the county's general fund, Jacobs says it could be used for funding services or closing the deficit.

Clerk Chris Jacobs says the surplus could be used for the good of the county's taxpayers.
Credit Chris Caya/WBFO News

"The gap, the county executive says, is $8 million. Well, we just found 25 percent of that gap. We believe that with good management, partnering with our employees, we can also avoid another tax increase," Jacobs said.

Jacobs credits the implementation of management reforms, a robust real estate market, and more drivers renewing vehicle registrations locally at the Clerk's Office for the surplus.

2012 was Jacobs's first year serving as Clerk. He previously served as Secretary of State of New York and a member of the Buffalo Board of Education.