Erie County Democrats quick to embrace Clinton's candidacy

Apr 13, 2015

To no one's surprise, Hillary Rodham Clinton is running for president and Erie County Democrats are rushing to push her candidacy.

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"I'm hitting the road to earn your vote because it's your time and I hope you'll join me on this journey," Clinton said during the recorded announcement which declared her candidacy for President on Sunday.

Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner says his party will be joining the former senator, secretary of state and first lady on her journey, perhaps as early as an Executive Committee meeting on Thursday. That's when he will ask for a formal Clinton endorsement, probably the first in the state.

"She has done a great job of when she was the senator of understanding our needs, whether it was the agricultural community, whether it was the Medical Campus, whether it was Canalside, she was a big partner in what we had to get done," Zellner said. 

"A lot of the economic development today came from a part of her hard work."

Zellner says there will be a lot of support and a lot of enthusiasm, especially from women who worked hard for Clinton in her unsuccessful run eight years ago and have already told him they will be there again, this time.