Erie County responds to ACA rollout

Oct 31, 2013

Erie County is moving into the field of helping people who want to sign up for the new national health insurance system and don't know how to do it.

County Executive Mark Poloncarz says four Social Services Department staffers have been assigned to be counselors on the new system working out of the Rath Building.

"We're made the determination that it would be in the best interest of the community," Poloncarz said.

He says if things change, they may work outside of the building. Poloncarz says many people want the help to sign up with New York's health exchange.

"They just don't have any idea what to do," Poloncarz said.

Many people looking for help are using the county library system. There is information in each branch from the State Health Department and there is a link on the library web site for information about the health care law and applying for coverage.

"We hear that, generally, the New York health exchange is running fine."

The problems, Poloncarz said, are coming from the national level.