Ethnic groups at greater risk of prostate cancer

Sep 26, 2015

Prostate cancer affects many men, but some Western new Yorkers may be more at risk than others.

To raise awareness about the disease and remind men how easy and necessary it is to monitor prostate health, Roswell Park Cancer Institute held an auto show on Saturday. Cruisin’ for a Cure took place at the Roswell Park campus in buffalo, presented in part by Weste Herr Automotive Group and Men Allied for the Need to Understand Prostate Cancer – better known as MANUP Buffalo.

Richard Satterwhite, President of MANUP Buffalo
Credit MANUP Buffalo

MANUP Buffalo President Richard Satterwhite said certain ethnic groups are at greater risk for the disease.

“Prostate cancer, at least among African American men, they’re 1.5 more times likely to develop prostate cancer and two to three more times likely to die from the disease,” said Satterwhite. “Also it is one of the most diagnosed diseases among men in the Hispanic community.”

Satterwhite, a prostate cancer survivor of eight years, explained that most of the members of MANUP Buffalo are survivors as well.

“We are an educational outreach group going into the community speaking to whoever will have us to get men to see the doctor, and if they’re of age or have a family history that dictates, get them in to be screened,” said Satterwhite.

Satterwhite said the prostate exam is a simple and painless process.

There is a blood test, which is the PSA. And there is the DRE which is a digital rectal exam. Essentially a doctor checks your prostate with a gloved hand. It’s very simple and its over before you know it,” said Satterwhite.

Cruisin’ for a Cure offered free admission and prostate health screenings, as well as music and prizes. All proceeds from the event were donated to MANUP Buffalo.