Event hopes to help expecting mothers

Apr 1, 2016

Beyond the Bump, labeled as a convention to prepare new mothers, visits Buffalo Saturday. The idea emerged from the experience of co-creator Monica Infante, who thought she was ready for the birth of her first child until events unfolded in the delivery room.

"I ended up having a C-section," Infante recalled.

"I just wished I hadn't had one. I think it could probably have been avoided if I had been more prepared."

Calling Beyond the Bump "a very mission-driven, heart-centered kind of a business," Infante hopes that soon-to-be moms find the resources they need for a successful delivery experience.

The event began in Rochester a few years ago, It comes to the Buffalo for the first time on Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Hyatt. More information can be found here.

"Certainly, there's a strong focus on people who are pregnant," Infante said. "Partners are absolutely welcome and encouraged. We have a lot of dads who are come on their own."