Events like Buffalo's Shamrock Run are running as planned amid coronavirus discussion

Mar 6, 2020

Around the world, some large public gatherings are being cancelled due to COVID-19. In Buffalo, events like the Old First Ward’s 42nd annual Shamrock Run are operating normally, with a few precautions.


Until you see events like Buffalo Sabres games or concerts being cancelled because of the coronavirus, local events like Saturday’s Shamrock Run, an 8K race through downtown Buffalo, will move ahead as planned according to Old First Ward Community Executive Director Patrick Gormley.

“So we're essentially taking our direction from what our legislative people are saying what our lives officials are saying and you know what information is coming out of Erie County and the state,” Gormley said.

Gormley said to mitigate risks, they’ve hired extra cleaners.  

“To essentially just be moving to the building to wipe down and clean bathrooms, door handles, dogs, anything that people might be touching," Gormley said. "Just provide extra hand washing stations and things like that, that in winter, you want to do any way to mitigate your risk of getting the flu.”

Most runners register weeks to months in advance. This year Gormley says they are up 500 runners from last year.

“Our concerns obviously are going to be for the participants in the run. And until we hear anything, otherwise, we're just looking for a fun, safe race day.”

The run is tentatively scheduled to start at 12 p.m.