Failing fountain is causing foul smell at Hoyt Lake

Jun 30, 2016

The fountain in Delaware Park's Hoyt Lake is in need of repairs. The water feature was installed less than three years ago to reduce algae and the foul odors it produces. 

Since 2013, a fountain at Hoyt Lake helped keep algae and odors away. Now officials are scrambling to fix the apparatus.
Credit WBFO's Chris Caya

"We're going to need some heavy machinery to get it (the fountain's pump) out," explained Stephanie Crockatt, Executive Director of the  Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy. The fountain's electric panel failed last year. The pump that needs to be repaired is at the bottom of the lake.

"The pump is hooked to an electrical cable that is buried underneath the water." When the pump was installed, Crockatt says the city used a heavy crane for the operation. The cost of the fountain at the time of its 2013 installation was $80,000.

The fountain helps reduce algae and its smell by aerating the lake. Now, with the  fountain not functioning, and dry hot weather, the problem is getting worse.

Crockatt says the Conservancy is "exploring all options" to repair the fountain.