Falletta describes the glam of her Grammy win

Feb 15, 2019

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director JoAnn Falletta describes her Grammy win as "exciting" and "unexpected." WBFO senior reporter Eileen Buckley says Falletta won for her conducting work with the London Symphony Orchestra and American composer Kenneth Fuchs.

"This is the fifth CD we've made together. We were friends at Julliard,” said Falletta.

Falletta described attending the 61st Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as a very glamorous experience.

Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Music Director JoAnn Falletta.
Credit Photo from Buffalo Philharmoic Orchestra

"The dresses, the jewelry, the lights, the palm trees—it was just an amazing experience and very happy for me and the composer of the disc, who was with me, Kenneth Fuchs. Our friendship goes back many years and I’ve been a big advocate of his music and I love it. This is the fifth one we’ve made and it very unexpectedly and very happyily won the Grammy,” Falletta recalls.

Falletta noted producer Tim Handley joined in the Grammy win. He brought the collaboration together with the London Symphony Orchestra.  

“He's been doing this for 20 years with us and we’re very proud of him. He’s a great engineer, great producer, and he won this Grammy as well,” Falletta said.

This was Falletta's third Grammy win and 11th nomination.