Fans raise funds for former Bills defender Darryl Talley

Nov 29, 2014

The heart-wrenching story of former Buffalo Bills linebacker Darryl Talley prompted one life-long fan to start a campaign to help the 14-year NFL veteran.

Darryl Talley, former Buffalo Bill
Credit GoFundMe's "Circle the Wagons for Darryl Talley" / WBFO News

After reading this week’s Buffalo News article in which Talley described his battle with depression, financial hardships, and thoughts of suicide, Frank Croisdale of Appleton, New York – a lifelong fan of the Bills – says the idea just struck him…

“As bills fans, it would be great to have an outlet to help them, and I went and set up the GoFundMe page, put $100 in to get it started, went to bed, and woke up the next morning, and the world began to change for a couple of days,” said Croisdale.

The campaign exceeded its goal in just two days, with over 2,500 donations totaling over $113,000. Croisdale says he has no connection with the Talleys, but has been in contact with Darryl’s wife, Janine, about the fundraiser. Croisdale says he hopes to find a solution that will help the Talleys in their time of need, and shine a spotlight on concussion issues for pro-football players.

For an update on the progress of the campaign, supporters can visit the website: