FBI issues reward for firebombing in South Buffalo

Jun 8, 2012

Federal law enforcement agencies are offering a $10,000 reward in connection with the firebombing of a home in Buffalo last year.

The FBI's Special Agent in Charge Christopher Piehota said a duplex on Mackinaw Street in the Old First Ward had to be demolished after it was damaged by a second arson in May of last year. 

One firefighter was hurt at the scene.  But the victim, a refugee, was not injured. 

Piehota said evidence indicates it may be a hate crime  and investigators need the public's help. 

"There are several levels of consequence in these type of incidents, ranging from personal injury, damage to        property, costs to the city. And we will use all of our  authority and resources to make sure...we strongly deter    this type of activity in the future," said Piehota.

A federal grand jury indicted 58-year-old Michael Fijal of Buffalo in January. However, investigators believe other individuals were involved. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact the FBI at 856-7800.