FBI training session gets loud in downtown Buffalo

Nov 28, 2018

Don’t be alarmed if you hear explosive sounds coming from downtown Buffalo. It’s just the FBI running training scenarios.

Credit FBI

While they’ve been running them since Tuesday, people started to hear booms coming from Niagara Street Wednesday.

Buffalo FBI Spokesperson Maureen Dempsey said training at the vacant Shoreline Apartments is a unique opportunity for agents to better their skills.

“It’s not normal for the FBI to train here in downtown Buffalo at a vacant apartment building. But it is an opportunity for us to use that space to better our tactics. To better our training for future missions,” she said.

Dempsey said the public isn’t in any danger.  

“Usually we will train at the outdoor range or some other FBI space, but occasionally we do occupy corporate space or rental space where we want to practice entries or other types of activities in order to ensure the safety of our agents down the road,” Dempsey said.

“When we have an opportunity like this, when the Shorleline (Apartments) are open and available, that we can conduct safe training within the confines of an abandoned area. In conjunction with the owner of that building, we take advantage of that. Practice and training is so important in law enforcement. There’s a lot of dangers involved in what we do every day. The more training we can do, the better for everybody,” she said.

Thursday is the last day of training.