February in Buffalo could be warmest on record

Feb 27, 2017

This February has has been a weather roller coaster, with the temperature going from 22 degrees to 71 degrees in just 27 days.

Jim Mitchell, National Weather Service Meteorologist says last Friday, Feb. 24, readings hit 71, shattering the previous record by four degrees.

Sunshine in downtown Buffalo Monday.
Credit WBFO News photo

”Currently for the month, our monthly average right now is 34.1 degrees. That’s through February 26. That ties us for number for the warmest February on record. Looking at the temperatures over the next couple of days, we do have the possibility to possibly eclipse that become the all-time warmest February record,” Mitchell told WBFO.

Buffalo has also received only five inches of snow, making it the fifth-least snowy to date.

“We did have a warmer than average month through about the 18th or so, but it wasn’t that much above average. Basically, in the last seven to eight days, every day has been anywhere between at least 10 degrees above average to 28 degrees above average on the 24th, where we had the record high of 71," Mitchell added.

Over the next few weeks, Mitchell says residents can expect to see colder-than-average temperature on warm days and warmer-than-average temperatures on cold days, along with some thunderstorms, periods of heavy rain and some snow.