Federal housing official hopeful for improvement in Buffalo public housing

May 1, 2019

The regional head of HUD says residents of government-subsidized housing deserve better than they are getting, During a recent visit, Lynne Patton expressed hope new management will bring improvement to the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

Patton toured the troubled Towne Gardens apartments complex just off William Street. It's not her first visit to the complex.

"It's heartbreaking. It's probably one of the worst facilities I have seen in the Buffalo region, in a while," Patton siad.

"But, I have a lot of faith in Raymond Fink, the new receiver that's been put in place there and the new management team that's going to be starting shortly."

Fink is the receiver as Fannie Mae continues with foreclosure of the site.

"I just spent the last month living in New York City public housing for this very reason," Patton said. 

"HUD gives New York City public housing $30 million per week and the mayor and the City of New York have nothing to show for it but giant holes, rats, mold, lead and pests." 

Patton says the current administration is serious about addressing housing problems in Buffalo and that is why a federal monitor was appointed.