Federal official pledges border crossing improvements

Jul 16, 2012

Though it seems Washington doesn't always appreciate problems along the border with Canada, the director of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement says his agency is constantly monitoring the many sensitive cross-border issues.

John Morton passed through Buffalo from Washington and then down to the Mexican border later that afternoon.

He says there is nothing on his desk about changing border crossings in this area, although he preached joint border inspections like those long proposed for the border with Canada.

"Most people don't realize what a large presence we have along our northern border.," Morton said.

"We've got offices from here to Washington state and we're very much a border security agency and we spend a lot of time working not only with our partners up here, but also with Canadians."

Morton says the surveillance drones along the border aren't his, but rather they are from Customs and Border Protection.