Federal relief coming for restaurants and bars

May 1, 2021

Congressman Brian Higgins has stated that the restaurant and bar industry has been among the hardest hit by the pandemic. 

He brought the news yesterday that relief for that industry is on the way. The Restaurant Revitalization Fund will provide more than $28 billion in relief funding, and Higgins stated there is plenty of assistance in accessing the money.

Congressman Brian Higgins
Credit WBFO file photo / WBFO News

There's plenty of information online for restaurants to get applications, and if they need assistance

, my office will help. The Small Business Development Office at Buffalo State College will help. The Small Business Development Office at Niagara Community College will help. This is all about a limited amount of money and maximizing the benefit to this community."

Higgins contends the funding isn't enough but it is a start. Business owners can register now and applications will begin being taken on Monday, May third.

Information can be found by visiting SBA.gov/restaurants.

The application process will continue until the funds run out.