Federal-state lawsuit accuses debt collection agency of 'overbiffing'

Nov 1, 2018

The New York State Attorney General's Office has begun a joint lawsuit with the Federal Trade Commission against a Buffalo Debt Collection agency owner, alleging he used false information to coerce New Yorkers out of money they didn't owe.

Authorities have frozen the assets of, and issued a restraining order against, a debt collection agency run under six different names by Robert Heidenreich, accusing him of "overbiffing" - the practice of trying to collect more than owed.

The AG's Office said Heidenreich's employees pretended to be law enforcement or attorneys to engage in deceptive and abusive practices.

The agencies including in the lawsuit are Campbell Capital; Kahl, Heidenreich, and Nemmer; Urban, Heidenreich, Melendez, and Associates; J & V Receivables; Rich Financial; and BCH & Associates Limited.