Few have expressed interest in superintendent post

Jun 5, 2015

With the deadline midnight tonight, 14 people have applied so far to be Buffalo schools superintendent.

Keith Jones was one of the few who attended Thursday night's school board session.
Credit Mike Desmond/wbfo news

Other than that they are from much of the country and locally, there isn't anything known about them. That will start to become clear over the weekend, as staff receive the applications and start winnowing them out against the qualifications in the job posting.

"We know that Don Ogilvie is leaving July 1. And under state law and for the well-being of the district, that we need someone in the superintendent's position on an interim basis," said Board President Jim Sampson.

"So, we're going to have those discussions, so we can fulfill that responsibility and also take the pressure off the board, not having to appoint the permanent superintendent by July 1."

The plan is to not identify the candidates until it's down to the final three who will be given public interviews.

During a public meeting last night in West Hertel Academy, speakers asked for a superintendent who understands urban school districts and many favored a local choice as someone who can hit the ground running from knowledge of the city and the district.