Film that stars Buffalo itself wraps up local shooting

Aug 18, 2015

A film about a New York City man who moves to Buffalo to raise children for whom he has suddenly become responsible completed its local shooting Monday in the city. It's the latest production to work in the Queen City during what has become a busy year for the local film industry.

Two for One is directed by and stars Jon Abrahams, who is a longtime friend of Matthew Quinn, a Buffalo-born man who is working on the film as its Director of Photography.

Quinn spoke at length with WBFO's Michael Mroziak about this particular production, Buffalo's growing status in the film industry and what must still be done to create a year-round permanent establishment in the city.

Jon Abrahams, right, works with actress Sasha Frovola on the set of Two for One. This scene was being shot inside Guercio & Sons in Buffalo.
Credit photo courtesy Jana Eisenberg