Firefighters douse flames on 15th floor of Main Place Tower

Feb 20, 2015

Buffalo firefighters responded to a blaze on the 15th floor of Main Place Tower early Friday morning, braving sub-zero temperatures.

Flames and dense smoke could be seen pouring out of windows shortly after 5 a.m. The fire broke out in a records area of a downtown company.

Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield said crews had to haul heavy equipment up 14 flights of stairs to the floor below the fire. They were able to confine the flames to a small area. There were no injuries.

Buffalo Firefighters respond to a blaze on the 15th floor of the Main Place Tower.
Credit Cheryl Hagen/WBFO News

Whitfield said the fire was so intense that it blew out windows in the Main Street high-rise in the center of the downtown business district. Many papers in the records area ended up littering downtown streets.

Investigators continue to try to pinpoint the cause of the fire.

The two-alarm blaze resulted in the closure of numerous streets around the Main Place Tower and also caused some delays for public transit riders.