First responders plan for big weekend

Jul 11, 2015

The Taste of Buffalo and the Rolling Stones concert will be bringing large crowds to the region this weekend.

Rural Metro has been planning for months to be sure that ambulances and crews will be at the ready to respond to any and every call that might come in. Rural Metro Regional Director Jay Smith says that a number of other agencies were consulted in the planning.

Credit WBFO News file photo / WBFO News

"We've had internal meetings. We've met with a lot of inter-agency meetings with law enforcement officials, other EMS first responders agencies. Orchard Park is the township, and their volunteer fire departments are obviously involved in this as well. We've had multiple planning session with the Bills organization."the Bills organization."

The plan is to have 14 ambulances on hand at the stadium with another 4 stationed at the Taste of Buffalo. Rural Metro has a fleet of 67 vehicles to cover a majority of Erie and Niagara Counties.