Five developers vie for Women & Children's Hospital Bryant Street campus

Dec 10, 2015

Five developers have submitted proposals to Kaleida Health for reuse of the Women and Children's Hospital Campus on Bryant Street.


The Women & Children's Hospital campus on Bryant Street is slated for redevelopment

Ciminelli Real Estate, Ellicott Development, Pyramid Brokerage, Sinatra & Company Real Estate and Uniland Development are all vying for a chance to redevelop the site.

The proposals include  housing, lodging, retail, office space and several other unique ideas, according to Mike Hughes, Kaleida Senior Vice President of Public Affairs and Marketing. Kaleida will be reviewing the plans over the next few months and then hold an open house as community input has been key to the redevelopment.

"About two, two-and-a-half years ago, we put about 15 or so leaders around the table, block clubs, business community, Elmwood Village Association, planners, architects, to really  help guide us as we put together requests-for-proposal. They were the voice of that neighborhood," says Hughes. "Really, the theme for them is, whatever happens there, it must fit with the character and the charm of the Elmwood Village."

Despite the facility's age and complexity, Hughes says hospital has many possibilities.

"What people see is the opportunity and the next evolution of that community. I think that times are different. Western New York and the city is much different place than it was three years ago, five years ago, ten years ago. I think people are really excited about the direction of the community, the direction of the city, and so they see this as a next step in terms of development."

The Woman and Children's Hospital of Buffalo is nearly 125-years old, comprised of seven connected buildings constructed through the years. The facility encompasses approximately 617,000 square feet between Bryant Street and Hodge Avenue.

The Bryant Street campus will be replaced by the Oishei Children's Hospital, which is currently under construction on the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The new facility is slated to open in 2017.