Five injured, one critically, in crash involving Buffalo police vehicle

Apr 15, 2020

A North Buffalo woman is in critical condition at ECMC after a noon-hour crash involving a police vehicle, a civilian car with two passengers, and two pedestrians, including the woman in the hospital. 

Buffalo Police Captain Jeff Rinaldo said Wednesday State Police experts have been brought in to help city police investigate the crash, which happened at Main Street and Benwood Avenue. 

Rinaldo says the police car had its lights flashing, at the time of the crash.

"The officer was responding to a high-priority, I think it was a knife, call in the vicinity of where the accident occurred. In terms of update on the officer, he was injured, non life-threatening injuries, and he's cooperating fully with the investigation," Rinaldo said.

The patrol car was badly smashed in the accident, indicating the force of the crash. Rinaldo said there are city surveillance cameras in the area.

"I have not yet reviewed any of those city cameras, but I can tell you that not only will we be reviewing the city cameras, we will also, through our Safe Cam Network, be reviewing any and all surveillance cameras in nearby businesses and residences, as well as any body camera footage from officers," he explained.

The officer who was driving the police vehicle is described as a three-year veteran who is cooperating with the investigation.