Flight 3407 memorial rededicated on 10-year anniversary

Feb 12, 2019

It was ten years ago that Continental Flight 3407 fell out of the sky in Clarence Center, killing all 50 souls on board and one man on the ground. A civic memorial to the disaster was rededicated on Tuesday.

The Clarence Library served as a staging area after Flight 3407 destroyed the home of Karen and Doug Wielinski. He was the only person killed, on the ground. At Tuesday's dedication ceremony, Karen Wielinski said, she finds the memorial's beautiful artwork symbolic.     
"I have often said, that I receive comfort knowing that my one on the ground, Doug, left this life in the company of so many talented kind and loving people on Flight 3407. I envision them rising from the wreckage together just as birds soar through the sky as shown in the kiosk," Wielinski said.  

The President of Remember Flight 3407, Mike Powers says, the memorial where Wielinski's house stood is dedicated exclusively to loved ones lost. The civic memorial in the library not only honors the victims, Powers says, it's also informational and remembers the first responders and the Family Members who fought for new airline safety regulations.