Flynn chosen for national task force on inmate recidivism

Mar 4, 2019

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn has been chosen to be part of a national task force to reduce jail inmate recidivism through continuity of health care services.

The 28-member task force includes county officials, sheriffs, prosecutors, judges, public defenders and behavioral health partners from across the country. Together, they will develop a coordinated response to challenges faced by affected individuals.

"There is a growing reliance on our nation’s local jails to serve as 'one stop' treatment centers for individuals suffering from mental health, substance abuse and/or other chronic health illnesses," said Flynn. "Under current law, those who can afford bail keep their health care while those unable to pay – who are most susceptible to illness – face a gap in coverage. Research shows gaps in coverage lead to higher rates of recidivism resulting in over-incarceration."

The National Association of Counties and the National Sheriffs' Association formed the task force, which plans to convene at least twice during this spring and summer.