Food Instagrammers turning photography into careers

Nov 24, 2015

For the average Instagram user, posting a picture of their latte art or of their dessert at the hippest restaurant in town means getting a few likes. But there’s a new group of Instagrammers who are getting paid for their posts. The restaurant industry has picked up on the trend and some places are reported to pay up to $350 per photo if a user has a significant following.

"It's not so different from hiring a food photographer to come in and take pictures of your food," said Sophia Hollander, who wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal about food Instagrammers who are going pro. "But it gets into kind of a funky area because they're not pitching themselves as food photographers, and they're not pitching themselves as restaurant promoters." 

Click the above audio player to hear Hollander's conversation with Marketplace's Molly Wood about the new culture of Instagram food photographers.