Food pantry uses donation to buy new delivery truck

Aug 6, 2017

The Resurrection Life Food Pantry in Cheektowaga has received an anonymous donation to buy a new truck for food deliveries.

Pantry officials have named the truck "Samson." The 18-foot commercial vehicle will be able to haul 14,000 pounds of food. It's a vast improvement over the old pick-up truck the pantry had been using.

Pantry Director Kim Reynolds said she had been seeking grants without success. She said the donation from the donor came out of the blue.

"It was a miracle, someone calling up," Reynolds said. "It's not something we ever imagined happening."

Reynolds did not reveal the amount of the donation.

"The whole community will benefit from this donation," Reynolds said. "There aren't many people would give that kind of money without taking credit."

Reynolds says there are plenty of people, especially seniors, living in the suburbs who depend on the food delivered by the Resurrection Life pantry.

"We have volunteer forces," she said. "But without this truck, we were at a standstill."