Food Truck debate continues

Oct 25, 2011

The Buffalo Common Council held a meeting Tuesday to discuss issues surrounding food trucks in  the city. 

Restaurant owners voiced concerns about food trucks taking up parking spaces they say could be used for customers. One local hot dog vender said he would like food trucks to have a designated spot. 

Attorney Michael Kooshoian represents some of the restaurant owners.  He says they're not saying they don't want the food trucks in the area.

"We want to sit with them and come up with an idea together not just propose something on our own, because when they just proposed this law on their own without meeting with anyone else the other parties had questions. We would like to avoid that and come up with something that can work for everyone."

Kooshoian says restaurant owners would like to come up with a plan that wouldn't interfere with their business.

Peter Cimino Co-Owner or Lloyds Taco Truck says he feels food trucks should not be stationary.  He says there mobility is what makes them unique.

"Downtown is pretty much a ghost town and I believe it's a lack of mobility. Vendors can go in places where there is no existing businesses and bring foot traffic to those area, but if you keep them stationary then those areas will always stay desolate and vacant."

Cimino says food truck vendors have compromised enough, considering other cities don't have as many requirements.

Proposals for food vendors are expected to be developed and at some pointed voted on by the Common Council.