Ford name remains on Toronto mayoral ballot

Oct 27, 2014

Many analysts will be watching today's vote in Toronto's mayoral election. The spotlight dimmed slightly after Rob Ford dropped out of his re-election bid. But Ford's brother is pressing on with his own spirited campaign to take over as mayor.

Doug Ford replaced his ailing and controversial brother on the mayoral ticket when Rob Ford stepped back from the campaign after learning early in September that he has a rare tumor. Rob Ford hasn't completely backed away from municipal politics, however, and is now running for a seat on city council.

Toronto mayoral candidate Doug Ford hopes to carry his brother's mantle in Monday's election.
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But the contest for mayor has become a three-way race between Doug Ford, Olivia Chow, a former member of parliament, and John Tory, a former member of the provincial legislature who has been the frontrunner for the past couple of weeks.

Ford has tried to portray himself as fighting for the taxpayer and, in the final days of the campaign, he focused his attack on Tory.

"John is the candidate of the political insiders, lobbyists, consultants, the elite and the establishment," Ford recently said.
The three candidates pulled out all the stops over the weekend in a final push for votes before the polls open Monday. Even though recent polls show Tory far out in front, Ford says internal polls show the race as a dead heat between himself and Tory.

Some of the big issues in this election include public transit, affordable housing, and a city council from of division and bickering.

Some analysts call Doug Ford a savvy grassroots politicians. Ford has been able to steer clear of the scandals that plagued his brother, but many voters are tired of both Fords and say it's time for a change.