Former Buffalo Bills coach Hank Bullough dies at 85

Nov 25, 2019

Former Buffalo Bills coach and Michigan State player Henry "Hank" Bullough has died at 85.

His death was announced Monday by the school and son Chuck Bullough, an assistant coach for the Spartans. Henry Bullough also played on the Michigan State team that won the Big Ten championship the year after it captured the national title.

Upon his death, Michigan State called Bullough the "Godfather of MSU Football." He had two sons and three grandsons who played for the team

Bullough was an NFL head coach for parts of three seasons with a 4-18 record and helped bring in the 3-4 defense to the pros. He led New England briefly in the 1978 season and Buffalo for 21 games during the 1985 and 1986 seasons. He replaced Kay Stephenson in 1985, and was fired the following year in favor of Marv Levy.

He was an NFL assistant for more than two decades and was with the Baltimore Colts when they won the Super Bowl in 1971. He also was an assistant with New England, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Green Bay and Detroit.