Former county executive now developing Buffalo homes

Jul 21, 2015

A man who was once prominent in local politics is still looking to make an impact in Buffalo, now by way of housing development. On Tuesday, Joel Giambra unveiled a model home on the city's West Side.

The former Erie County Executive and Buffalo Comptroller is now involved in a pair of ventures. As the head of Executive Properties, Giambra is now looking to acquire lots and develop them into market-rate homes which are then sold through Buffalo First Realty Group, with which he serves as a vice president.

Former Erie County Executive Joel Giambra (second from left) offers his remarks prior to a ribbon cutting to dedicate a new model home constructed through his housing development firm, Executive Properties. Members of his family stand with him, as well as Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown at far right.
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO

"Having bought three or four foreclosed properties through the years, doing the rehab, I decided I was too old to do that any more," said Giambra. "So I decided to buy some lots and try my hand at new construction."

The model home unveiled on Plymouth Avenue on Tuesday sits on what was once a vacant lot Giambra acquired from the city. He will reside in one of the units of the duplex, named The Giavanna in honor of his granddaughter. The other unit is now available for purchase.

For now, Giambra's venture will focus on the West Side, where he grew up in the Lakeview Projects. He tells WBFO his development projects will later move into other neighborhoods throughout the city.

Joel Giambra's property on Plymouth Avenue, named "The Giavanna." Giambra resides in one of the units while the other is now available for buyers.
Credit Michael Mroziak, WBFO