Former President Bill Clinton in Buffalo Tuesday

Mar 31, 2016

Local Democrats are getting two bites of the political apple this week, with campaign visits from Bill Clinton Tuesday and Hillary Clinton on Friday.

Credit courtesy Clinton Global Initiative

For the first time in decades, the New York primary counts and it counts this year for both Republicans and Democrats. Hillary Clinton wants to take the Empire State's bloc of delegates from Brooklyn native Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Manhattanite Donald Trump wants more delegate votes toward winning the Republican nomination free and clear.

"We've seen a tremendous amount of energy for Hillary at our own headquarters," said Erie County Democratic Chairman Jeremy Zellner.

"Every day, we've got people making phone calls throughout the community to voters and just a tremendous amount of support for Hillary has just emerged in the last month in itself. But, it's really important to hear the candidates themselves and it's really important to hear the surrogates articulate the message."

Zellner says details for both visits are still a little vague although the Bill Clinton event will be in what's now called the Grapevine on Dick Road in Depew, with the doors opening at 1:30. Donald Trump is expected to make a campaign appearance here. It's not clear if Sanders or Senator Ted Cruz will.