Former Sabre says players need to show leadership to build solid team & play

Jan 16, 2012

Late last week Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula pointed to player injuries as the root cause of the team's difficult season. 

But Pegula did note that he remains confident the team will be able to bounce back in the second half of the season.  

WBFO'S Eileen Buckley had a chance to ask a former Sabre about the lackluster season.

When the Sabres are in a slump, fans often call changes both on and off the ice.

"They always start with trade these guys or let's trade for that guy, then it moves on to fire the coach or the  general manager," said  Former Buffalo Sabres Captain Michael Peca. 

Peca spent five years with the Buffalo Sabres.

Peca said those who run the business are the ones with patience.  He calls it the one "remedy" that will get a team through low points in the middle of a hockey season.

"It's always easy to make changes then blame something for why things aren't going well... Ultimately it just comes down to what type of character and leadership do we have...if it takes, sometimes, players from the outside, then you don't have the leadership inside the lockerroom," said Peca.

Peca said players need to rise up and show their leadership for team building.

"You would like to see more than the coach getting fired or general manager get fired or trades be made," said Peca.

Peca, who still lives in Amherst, serves as General Manager of the Junior Sabres. 

Last week he was also named to take over as head coach of the Junior Sabres at the end of the season.