Fraud case highlights the need to secure Social Security cards

Aug 9, 2019

A local man pleaded guilty Thursday to a felony scheme to defraud, stealing Social Security numbers of young people and getting credit cards and buy cars.

Erie County District Attorney John Flynn admits he has been lax in keeping tabs on his children's Social Security cards. That approach, he says, will change and he's encouraging other parents to follow his lead.
Credit WBFO file photo

Darrius Outling pleaded guilty to one count of felony scheme to defraud. Outling and allies would go online and find Social Security numbers they knew were those of young people and use them.

"I remember getting my kids' Social Security card when they were relatively young, infants probably, and I put them in an envelope and I stuck them in a drawer and they have been sitting there ever since," said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn.

Flynn said he believes it is a common practice among most parents. He said his approach will change moving forward.

"Four of my five kids now are all 18 or above, so they [run credit checks] on their own. But, I have one 15-year-old who's left at home and I am now going to run a report on her, once a year now, just because of this case," Flynn said.

According to officials, financial institutions took a $133,000 hit from Outling's activities. He faces up to four years in prison when sentenced in November.