Freudenheim returns to UB Epidemiology Department

Oct 10, 2016

Distinguished Professor Jo Freudenheim, former chair of the Epidemiology and Environmental Health Department at the University at Buffalo, is returning to that post. The department is part of the larger School of Public Health and Health Professions, a vast operation covering treatment and research.

Credit Courtesy of University at Buffalo

Freudenheim has worked for decades researching and teaching in nutrition and cancer epidemiology. She says the field is changing, with new discoveries in genetics, and the use of massive amounts of data, commonly referred to as "big data."

New graduate students entering the program are an important part of that change. "Very good students are very exciting for our faculty to work with," said Freudenheim. "They can help them in their research, or they ask great questions, or they come up with interesting projects that the faculty can be involved in. I've learned an enormous amount from our students."

The department studies everything from environmental exposure to the value of hand washing, and public health topics such as cancer and cardiovascular problems among residents. Freudenheim says the department is increasingly working on understanding the unique health issues affecting the increasing number of immigrants moving to the region.