General Mills seeking control of part of Michigan Avenue

Oct 27, 2014

General Mills and the City of Buffalo are considering a deal to limit access to a section of Michigan Avenue which is heavily used by grain trains and trucks going into the plant.

The agreement being considered by the Common Council Tuesday reflects the changing Waterfront, with more public use expected.

Credit Mike Desmond/WBFO News

Councilmember Chris Scanlon says the talks reflected in the agreement to limit access grew out of the birth of the Riverworks project on Ganson Street on a section of the Waterfront called Kelly Island.

For decades, the only people who went into that area worked there in the surviving grain mills and General Mills' Cheerios plant. Those people knew where they were and where they were going. Scanlon says more and more people are going there and dealing with poorly marked streets and intersections.
"It's more of a safety concern, with all the development down there, with Riverworks taking off and things of that nature," Scanlon said.

"There have been a few incidents of cars getting lost and kind of roaming around their property and more of a safety precaution."

Scanlon says there should be better markings of streets and private property. He says this agreement could be revoked if the city ever decided to restore the long-removed South Michigan Avenue Bridge and people will still have access along Michigan to the City Ship Canal.