GM breaks down the numbers on its economic impact in NYS

Feb 21, 2019

General Motors has issued a statement indicating its positive economic impact across upstate New York.

Earlier this month, at the Buffalo Auto Show, the company unveiled plans for its 2020 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, which will include components from all three of its Western New York facilities. The engine will come from the GM plant in Tonawanda, the radiator from its plant in Lockport and the fuel system from its Rochester facility.

General Motors now is also announcing that more than 3,000 eligible hourly employees in New York State are expected to receive profit sharing shares of up to $10,750 with their paychecks this week.

Rge company said its economic impact in New York includes over $1.2 billion in investments during the past 10 years, over $315 million in annual state wages and more than $300 million spent on New York suppliers this past year.