GM taps Tonawanda Engine to power new truck

Feb 8, 2019

A big win for the region's economy was announced Friday at the General Motors display inside the Buffalo Auto Show.

Tonawanda Engine Plant Director Ram Ramanujam reveals the plant's new product line alongside a 2020 Silverado HD, at the Buffalo Auto Show.
Credit Chris Caya WBFO News

Standing next to a new Silverado, Tonawanda Engine Plant Director Ram Ramanujam said the plan, on River Road will be making a new more powerful engine for Chevrolet's new heavy duty pickup truck.

UAW Local 774 Shop Chairman Chuck Herr said the announcement is "huge" for Tonawanda because it will help retain existing jobs. 

Chuck Herr, UAW Local 774 Shop Chairman speaks to WBFO News about the new engine line.
Credit Jonny Moran WNED/WBFO

"We have over 1,350 employees, so this will continue to keep all those people working for years to come. To have General Motors have the confidence in us to take their most important engines, which is their trucks, which is making them all their money right now, and to have the confidence in Tonawanda is exceptional. We're proud about that," Herr said. 

Tooling for the new engine is part of a $295 million investment in Tonawanda that GM announced in 2016.

“Heavy-duty trucks are an important part of our business, and Silverado HD customers demand strong performance from their trucks,” said Ram Ramanujam, Tonawanda Engine plant director. “The GM-UAW Local 774 team at Tonawanda is passionate about building the world’s best propulsion systems, and we are excited for Chevrolet heavy-duty truck owners to experience our product.”

Radiators for the new truck are being made at GM's Lockport plant and GM Rochester is making the truck's fuel system.