Golisano publicly expresses interest in buying Bills

Jun 5, 2014

Billionaire businessman Tom Golisano spoke publicly for the first time Thursday on his interest in buying the Buffalo Bills.  He addressed the issue during a speech at an awards ceremony at a Rochester high school. 

Golisano says he’s waiting to learn more about Bills finances.  He expects that financial documents will be made available from team lawyers within the next two to three weeks. 

Golisano described the Bills as "an important asset" to Western New York. 

"Do I feel it has to me?  No.  I’m not possessed about the Buffalo Bills; quite frankly like I wasn't possessed about owning the Buffalo Sabers.  They were in danger of leaving too. I got involved because I wanted to keep that entity in Western New York and I want to keep the Buffalo Bills in Western New York," Golisano said.

"I think the psyche of the community, particularly Buffalo and, of course, Rochester. It brings great economic advantage into the area because of the, obviously, all the advertising and the revenue that comes into the city. If it doesn’t stay here it would be too bad.”

Golisano echoed others who say the sale of the team won't happen until this Fall at the earliest. 

Golisano saved the Buffalo Sabres by purchasing the franchise following a bankruptcy declaration in 2003   After restoring fiscal stability, Golisano sold the Sabres in 2011 to current owner Terry Pegula.