Got coats? Operation Warm needs them

Jan 2, 2018

The holiday season has been bitter cold thus far. Imagine not having a coat to keep you warm.

Credit Operation Warm

Overwhelmingly cold temperatures has caused an overwhelming demand for coats. True Bethel Mobile Outreach Ministry is taking donations from 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Tuesday.

"We're seeing people every day coming to our church - not begging, not being greedy - just willing to take anything just to bundle up," said Elder Cambridge Boyd. "So we're encouraging our good neighbors of Western New York to send us their hats, their gloves and coats and we will get them cleaned up and make sure that people are warm." 

It is the end of their three-day drive titled Operation Warm. Project Manager Elder Cambridge Boyd said he has had people drive from as far as Salamanca just for coats.

"We've been in partnership with Colvin Cleaners. We've worked together to raise 15,000 coats," Boyd said. "Well, since we've given out those coats, we've been inundated and overwhelmed with calls from as far as Salamanca for coats and we realized that we had more need than we had coats."

Boyd said in this weather, it takes only a few minutes for somebody to get frostbite. Donations can be dropped off at True Bethel’s 907 East Ferry Street location or you can call 895-8222 ext. 211 to have your coats, gloves and hats picked up.