Grand Island coalition plans another opposition effort for Acquest's distribution project

Dec 7, 2020

Some Grand Island residents are gearing up for another fight, as a new business is looking at the site abandoned by Amazon in August because of opposition.

The massive, $300 million warehouse proposed by Amazon would have been one of the largest in the world and created some 1,000 jobs, but an opposition effort led by the Coalition for Responsible Economic Development for Grand Island stopped the project, citing the huge amount of truck traffic, noise and pollution that would come with the warehouse.

Williamsville-based Acquest Development is now reportedly looking at the same location for a new distribution center. It has projects across the country, including Sterling Business Park in Orchard Park and Park Creek Assisted Living Community in Williamsville.

Coalition Spokesperson Cathy Rayhill said although Acquest's proposed facility will be smaller than Amazon's, the "footprint of the facility" will be one-third larger, creating even more disruption for the surrounding community.

“This project does not fit the character of our community and the neighborhood in which it is proposed to reside," said Rayhill in a statement. "In spite of all efforts that Acquest Development may make to mitigate these impacts, they cannot claim that this project will not have at least one significant environmental impact on Grand Island and its residents.”

Coalition members plan to speak out at Monday evening's Town Board meeting.