Green Code expected to phase out urban renewal areas

Nov 2, 2015

Buffalo's passage to the Green Code is forcing some changes in city planning, possibly ending a series of the city's Urban Renewal plans.

Council President Darius Pridgen expects the Green Code to bring change to the city's development process.
Credit WBFO News file photo

Some of the Urban Renewal areas have been around longer than any current employee in City Hall and probably before many members of the Council were born. They were a way to target a particular neighborhood, like Grant Ferry, Lower West Side or Oak Michigan.

They have also been criticized for being used to remove some racial segments.

Council President Darius Pridgen says the list of the Urban Renewal areas has been submitted to a Council committee.

"It will be at a point when the Green Code is ready to go forward that those (Urban Renewal areas) will actually be removed," Pridgen explained.

"However, because they are in committee, that means that they are there for discussion. I am very much aware that some people are very much married to those Urban Renewal plans and want to ensure that some aspects of those plans become a part of the Green Code."

The Green Code isn't likely to be passed exactly in the form submitted to the Council.

There's also a complicated situation of the mass of special districts around the city with Pridgen saying the Council is waiting for a report from the Office of Strategic Planning to see how they fit in, especially those which are overlay districts like the Chippewa Entertainment District.