Green Party Lieutenant Governor candidate visits Buffalo

Oct 6, 2014

New York's Green Party is pressing hard against Governor Cuomo from his political left as it seeks to hold its place on the election ballot."We have to return to a more progressive tax structure," said Brian Jones, the Green Party candidate for Lieutenant Governor.

Brian Jones is the Green Party's candidate for Lieutenant Governor.
Credit from Green Party website

Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins has made numerous trips here and Jones, the lieutenant governor candidate, made a campaign swing through Buffalo Sunday.

Jones is a veteran New York City teacher now doing graduate work on urban education. Speaking to WBFO's Chris Jamele, Jones challenged the current wealth structure in New York.

"We can boost revenues and give most people a tax break. But that requires taxing the wealthy, taxing the 'one percent,' the people who really have the money in this state and making sure that schools have what they need."

Jones says the party also objects to Common Core and charter schools, saying charters are even more obsessive about testing and test scores and don't take their share of kids with problems, like those with limited English proficiency.